Triple F

If you needed one more little push (other than my constant hounding) to get you to compete in Fast Friday, this is it!

Niki, of Mobius Cycle, is now sponsoring the Fabulous Flying Females “Triple F”.

2nd Annual Lovely Ladies on Beautiful Bikes Calendar

It's 2008! Celebrate with the Lovely Ladies on Beautiful Bikes!

We're a bunch of Seattle cyclists who enjoy our machines and live by the bicycle. We commute, play polo, cyclocross, ride with .83 and other local bike groups. We try to support bicycling with involvement in Seattle Likes Bikes. We're individuals who ride with our own specific style. Every month of the year you can see one of us on our very own machine, doing what we do best: riding bikes and looking damn good doing it.

The calendars are available at many local bike shops (and some in LA, Japan, Germany, etc) or online for $17. Pick your own copy up while you still can!

Mobius Store Coming Soon!

After an inspirational trip to NYC mobius is expanding wheel availability coast-to-coast! Soon friends in any state can enjoy custom handbuilt wheels with a touch of mobius flare. Keep an eye on the site. It just keeps getting better, life that is. -Niki
p.s. Polo in NYC is the shit! Those kids kick ass!

Should bicyclists be licensed to ride?

"They share the road, so some say they should share costs"

This is the conjecture of today's front page article in the PI.

"The idea of charging cyclists a registration fee has been floated by lawmakers in Olympia, but not seriously considered in recent years. For each of the past several years, legislators have asked transportation officials at look into the idea of establishing such a program, said Paula Reeves, of the state Department of Transportation."

While it may provoke some interesting debate, the idea and execution of such a plan would be a setback for the cycling community and a large disincentive for alternative transportation.

The Real Issue: Letter to the Stranger

Dear Stranger:

Your recent article, "Collision Course" skirted the real issue by focusing on fixed-gear bikes. Bicyclists Bryce Lewis and Caleb Hall were struck by a dump truck which dragged them nearly 25 feet. Focusing on the bike type is like blaming a rape victim for wearing a short skirt.

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