King of the Core: David

Phil Wood graciously etched another pair of hubs for the boys, blue Phil's donning the King of the Core. Laced to DT Swiss RR1.2 Deep Vs painted mobius Blue by SIK Werks. Black Spokes with two white spokes per wheel, but the front two Glow in the Dark. This is the mobius exclusive phosphorescent paint you've been seeing only, in Green. We also do purple and blue.

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My Nagasawa (Holy Grail) Spotted Elsewhere?

Yep, that's my handbuilt mobius original Nagasawa in Nakano Red over at Harvy's Bike Shop. I guess they thought she was so pretty they decided she would exemplify all that a "fixie" could be! Thanks for the ad Harvy's!

Emeralds on Black Velvet | Mean Green Machine

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Steven's Bike Check:

Bareknuckle in Black (Velvet)
Green Phil Wood Track Hubs (Emeralds)
Nitto Bullhorns w/Green Brooks Leather Bartape
Full Thomson Cockpit
Green Brooks Swift Saddle
B43 Velocity Rim/Deep V Velocity Rim
MKS Sylvan Pedals in Green
Black Toshi Double Straps
Phil Wood Cog
Gold Izumi Chain
Chris King Green w/King spacers (Cherry on Top)

Scrappy's Road Bike

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Scrappy, aka Myles, finally got his dream bike. Champagne and Pearlescence, this Colnago shines for Scrappy alone. Here it is in all it's glory.

Scrappy's Bike Check:

Colnago Master White Pearl Frame
w/Differentiated signature Colnago Tubing
Pre 2000 Campy Chorus Grouppo 9spd
Mavic CXP30 Rims in Champagne Gold
TTT Stem and Bars
White Leather perf Bartape
San Marco Rolls Saddle in Black

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