Marbled Panasonic

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I've been helping Mark Rose keep his beast running for the last four years while he worked his way through school. Now that he's done he got to build his dream bike. Literally the dream realized, this bike had quite an interesting story. We initially couldn't get the preferred color of Gan Well Pro. On a lark we tried to settle. When the frame got here it just couldn't work with the parts he already had and the dream of Black and Red. Nevertheless, one of my oldest friends (customer), came in and fell in love with the frame. It just so happened that a few years ago he had built this Panasonic with me. It had been a lackluster love affair...but the moment Gary laid eyes on the Gan Well, his heart burst! Just so happens they were the same size. Frame swapping complete, I was able to give them both there hearts desires! All in all a perfect, and not unusual, day at mobius.

Here it is in all it's marbled glory;

Panasonic Bike Check:

Marbled Panasonic Track Frame, a retired Keirin racer's steed.
Mark's wheels
Sugino 75 Track Cranks with 50t Zen Chainring
MKS GR-9 Pedals in Black
Toshi Double Straps, Black with plastic Delta cages
EAI Imports 17t steel 1/8" cog
With Izumi Model V super toughness chain
Mark's Bars w/Odyssey Trigger lever
Carbon Edge Fork (He's keeping the original with it, of course)
Tektro Front Brake in Black
Tange Headset in Black
Nitto Jaguar 90mm Stem, anodized Black
w/matching Nitto Seatpost
and Kashimax Aero Saddle - Awfully comfortable!

The Stranger asks, what are you doing?

Above: self portrait, Taylor "Niki" Hurley
Below: words by JESSE VERNON

Mobius Cycle gets a write-up in The Stranger What are you doing? article. Here it is:

Taylor Hurley, bike stylist

Taylor Nichole Hurley, aka Niki, builds dream bikes at Mobius Cycle. After one too many times getting hit by a car as a messenger, Hurley, an experienced mechanic, decided to focus on her downtown bicycle boutique full-time. Mobius is known in the bike-geek world for hot, stylized fixies and steel road cycles that withstand daily use (and abuse). The bike she was plotting when I dropped in: a frosty purple vintage road frame on hand-built wheels with purple spokes, silver nipples, and matte white phosphorescent rims that glow purple in the dark.

It's a bit tricky to find the shop at first (official hours are late afternoon to late evening, details at, with its alleyway entrance and four floors to climb, but the huge loft space inside is like a secret world. You'll find a rack of hand-screen-printed Mobius T-shirts (one design has the namesake strip, another a 1973 compact Leica CL camera above the word "grain"). Some messengers might be winding down with pool and air hockey after a long day while an artist weaves cashmere underwear on a giant loom—the shop shares space with an array of artist studios. Hurley is also a professional photographer, a skill she honed to catalog her creations—find her bike-porn shots at But Hurley's bicycles aren't just sexy in appearance. "A junky bike will abuse your body, and your body will acclimate to the abuse," she explains. "When you ride a good bike that's solid under your body, and the wheels sing and the frame sings, you realize how good it can be." JESSE VERNON

Fuck Yeah

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Miles Monteleone fit this CLASSIC Fuji Track Frame perfectly! When I found it, it hardly had any original paint left. This thing is super old too, maybe early 70s, possibly older. I told Miles I had never seen such beautiful lugwork. It was crystal clear how gorgeous the lugs were even with no paint. Jon Denver and I agreed that only one place in the world could do those lugs justice, SPECTRUM Powderworks! And boy were we right! This is powdercoat if you can believe it. They use tiny tips to create one-of-a-kind masterpiece paint jobs like this one. Miles chose his initial for the headbadge and an incredibly apt Fuck Yeah for the downtube.

This bike is priceless.

Fuck Yeah bike check:

Custom FUJI Track Frame and Fork - Early 70s?
Custom paint by SPECTRUM Powderworks - Fuck Yeah model by M Cycles
Phil Wood Track Hubs in Black 32h single fixed
DT Swiss R585 Deep V rims painted at SIK Werks for mobius
Darth Vader Black
Silver DT Revolution spokes with DT silver brass nipples
Michelin Speedium Tires in Gray
Phil Wood Cog 1/8"
Sugino 75 Crankarms 165mm in Black
with Dura-Ace NJS Anodized Track Chainring 50t
and Izumi Super Toughness Model V Chain
GR-9 pedals from MKS in Black
Toshi Double Straps in Black
Thomson 27.4 Silver Elite Seatpost
Rolls Classic Titanio Saddle IDM
Nitto Jaguar Stem anodized Gun-Metal Gray 90mm
Easton EA50 Riser Bars 25.4 Clamp (now unavailable)
ODI Ruffian Lock-On Grips in Silver
Original Vintage Campy Headset


This is one of the most beautiful frames I found at the Denver Velo Swap. Spotting it in the back of the original owners minivan sandwiched horizontally by other bikes. "How much for the Ciocc?" I queried. "How'd you see that from there?" was his only response.

Matthew Seagull, responsible for the Lo-Fi (an incredible bar on Eastlake) came in and fell in love with her. Here she is in all her resplendent glory:

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Ciocc Bike Check:

Ciocc Frame Columbus SLX Tubing (IDM/Italian Domestic Market)
Campagnolo Centaur Grouppo

Wheels: Campy Record Black Hubs. Campy has replaced all hubs in their line with these and dropped the price hundreds of dollars. Good move Campy, these are incredible! Laced to DT Swiss 1.1s in Silver with Silver Spokes and Brass Nipples

Pedals MKS GR-9 in Silver
Campagnolo Road Straps in White
Thomson Seatpost in Silver
White SLR Gel Flow (not pictured)
Handlebars Anodized Cinelli Ergo Bars Vintage Old Stock (not pictured)
Cinelli Stem
Chris King Headset in Silver

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