Men's Core Whore Race 2009 on New Years Eve!

Photo Credit Rob Kittelson

7pm Thursday, New Year's Eve
Couriers $5/Civies $10
The Core Whore men's race will be followed by a fantastic New Year's Eve party at mobius. Champagne and fun await!

The Core Whore is a monopoly messenger work race where the goal is to bring home the bacon. There are seven total stops. The map is posted in order to level the field. The stop you are at is the zero and all other stops have been rated for difficulty 1-6 (corresponding to the die roll). Say a rider is at mobius at registration and he rolls a 1. At mobius, the 1 rating is given to The Pioneer Square Saloon. The registrar then writes the number and address on his manifest and places it atop his delivery (i.e. a 1" stack of paper). Later, when the horn blows to begin the race, his job is to transport the document to his next stop and receive a signature/stamp on his manifest and payment (10 Core Whore Dollars). He will then roll another die and receive another package with a new manifest. Each number on the die corresponds to 10 Core Whore Dollars (i.e. a 3=$30). At the end of the race, we will collect Manifests and Money. If a rider is missing a signature or money, that amount will not count toward his total. This is messenger work, don't lose your manifests and signatures/stamps rule the day. Whoever has the most confirmed money after two hours is King of the Core 2009.

mobius,mobius Core Whore

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Hanzo Wheels at mobius

Want to build some sweet wheels this winter? Soon you will be able to custom design your own wheels at and have them delivered right to your door. Keep checking back for more info.


Meet Spooky. The new offering from EAI, Godzilla by Toyo Japan.
White, Black and Red. Who could need more.

Spooky Bike Check:

EAI by Toyo Godzilla frame in White
DT Swiss RR1.2 in Black for the front
DT Swiss in mobius Red for the rear
Black Phil Wood Track Hubs 120mm
Black DT Swiss Revolution Spokes
Sugino 75 Track Cranks in Black 47t
Phil Wood 17t 1/8" Track Cog Polished
Izumi Silver Eco Chain
GR-9 Pedals from MKS Powder Black
Toshi Double Straps in Black
MKS Steel Clips L
Easton EA50 Stem and Bars 31.8 Oversized
Oury Natural (Clear) Mountain Grips
Continental Ultra Sport Rubber

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If you are in LA today ladies...

Thanks for keepin' the dream alive Bianca!

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