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Sully Giles, rad chick, built this beauty. Gun-metal gray and teal on a black backdrop. She builds her own motorized two wheelers and is stoked to have her new beast.

Arrrzilla Bike Check:

IRO HD 650c Track Frame
Velocity 650c Gun Metal Gray Rims
laced w/DT Swiss Revolutions in Black
Turquoise DT Swiss Nipples
IRO Formula Gun Metal Gray Hubset
Nitto Flat Bar in Black
Odyssey Trigger Brake Lever L.E. Blue
Nokon Aluminum Housing in Blue
Shimano 105 Brake Caliper

Rawk and Roll Alley Cat This Saturday!!

Race starts at mobius, 4pm. Registration starts at 3pm. If you wear a band shirt you get a bonus. If you go all out your bonus gets bigger! Live your Rawk & Roll dreams this Saturday at mobius!

We Don't Need Another Hero

Grateful that Bike Snob is back from his vacay, I wandered to his site this "morning". I happened to be watching the end of Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. I thought I would reproduce the experience for you here:

Click on Mad Max, when the music starts, mute and play the video below. Enjoy!

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