Cupcake Ride - May 27th

Come ride for babes, bikes, and baked goods! (Or to celebrate the birthdays of Allison, Alyson Rae, and myself!)

We will ride from downtown Seattle at 1pm, meeting up at Westlake, to each of the Cupcake Royalle locations: West Seattle, Madrona, Ballard.

All bikes welcome!

~ MaLora Ann

b-EYE-cycle frames

Urban Spectacles create hand made glasses fully customized to meet the specific desires of the individual. Here is a pair created with spare bicycle parts...

.83 Ladies Division Calendar for 2007

Mobius Cycle (Both Marcus & Niki) helped me build up a gorgeous bike. The Bruiser. A fixed nishiki blue steel baby. It's a beautiful machine. They also helped build up Hercules, Miss December's red and gold fixed gear, and work on Miss October's purple rodriguez.

It's already into 2007, but gorgeous girls on beautiful bikes are worth it!

Check it here:

Handcuff Bike Lock

Gotta say, this looks like a nice, quick and compact bike lock to carry around. Wonder if there are cuffs that come with more secure key mechanisms?

Must find me some tough cuffs...

Let me introduce myself...

Hey, I'm Chris. I'm a bike nut and I've liked bikes since I learned to ride when I was 12, but it really took off once I got a job at a camping store which also sold bikes in 1991. I've been doing bikes even since. My wife used to be a messenger in Washington, DC and I used to commute fifteen miles each way to my bke shop job year round. Let's just call us a family of bike nuts. I work part time for Aaron's Bicycle Repair in West Seattle. I work full time for the Man making a very limited ammount of the Internet work better.I ride with Point83 to make sure my liver knows it's place and put on some miles every week.

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