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Have you bikeBerried?

Have you ever handled a phone call or text message while cycling? Here's a fellow who rationalizes his distracted driving with a technique he calls bikeBerry

Long-Distance Bike Trails

Kevin Kelly reviews six long-distance bike trails in the U.S. If you've been looking for a quiet ride away from motor vehicles, these trails offer hundreds of miles of smooth cycling.

Many of these trails are converted from old railroad lines via the Rails to Trails Conservancy.

Georgetown Music Festival - June 2-3

The Georgetown Music Fest is an incredible all-ages outdoor festival that takes place in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle. Beer garden, 2 outdoor stages, 2 indoor stages, 47 bands, local record labels, and local merchants all make this festival one of the best local lineups of the year!

This year bands include: Earlimart, The Supersuckers, Idiot Pilot, Voyager One, The Trucks, LillyDale, Boat, Key Note Speaker, and more!

More Info:

b-EYE-cycle frames

Urban Spectacles create hand made glasses fully customized to meet the specific desires of the individual. Here is a pair created with spare bicycle parts...

Handcuff Bike Lock

Gotta say, this looks like a nice, quick and compact bike lock to carry around. Wonder if there are cuffs that come with more secure key mechanisms?

Must find me some tough cuffs...

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