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DT Swiss Road Racing Rims

DT Swiss Rims

RR: Speed is a road riders motivation. The components in the RR range are built for an efficient transmission of power. The stiffness, weight, and aerodynamic aspect of each wheel component has been optimized depending upon the application. -DT Swiss

The RR585 is the best Deep V on the market (pictured). Stiff and light, these rims are manufactured to the highest quality standards by DT Swiss. The low profile DT RR465 is also the best in its class. A long lasting quality rim for a light wheelset that rolls smooth and builds exceptionally clean. On both rims the seams are welded and weight matched to the presta valves required to rock these unbelievable rims. 585 is 585g, no eyelets w/machined sidewall. 465 is 465g, double-eyelet also machined.

If you desire color or non-machined, look at our Keirin Rims...


DT Swiss Revolution Spokes

Revolution Spokes

Silver or Black 2.0 to 1.5 butted spokes: These are the highest quality spokes, allowing higher tension during the build, lighter weight, and an overall stiffer wheel.

Also available in the mobius Keirin Colors...hand painted at SIK Werks here in Seattle with super high quality Automotive Paint.

Priced Per Wheel

Wheel strength is not about the individual spokes strong-arming the rim into the proper place. A wheel is a suspension bridge. The rim is suspended by the spokes. What doesn't bend breaks. Supple, butted, work hardened spokes are the only thing we build with. Straight gauge spokes = baseball bats. Let your wheels sing!

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