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Sheldon Brown's Bicycle Technical Info

Sheldon Brown maintains an extensive website containing authoritative articles relating to bicycle mechanics and maintenance, as well as a thorough glossary of bicycling terminology.

International Bike Fund

A non-governmental, nonprofit, advocacy organization, promoting sustainable transport and international understanding. Major areas of activity are non-motorized urban planning, economic development, bike safety education, responsible travel and bicycle tourism, and cross-cultural, educational programs.

Seattle Critical Mass

Last friday of each month, rain or shine, 5:30pm, Westlake Center. Critical Mass rides are self-organized, non-commercial and non-competitive, and they operate with diffused and informal decision-making, independent of leaders. They are often also unofficial, foregoing permits and official sanction from municipal authorities. Typically, only the meeting place, date, and time are fixed.

Ride A Bike

No matter what or how you ride you are welcome.

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