Suntour Sunrise | Champagne Merlin

Champagne Merlin
Suntour Sunrise
Nikon D40X + Nikkor 105mm 1:1.8 M
Champagne Merlin w/Superbe trimmings.

Elias' Bike Check:

Custom Merlin Titanium Track Frame
with 3" Tandem Downtube for added stiffness
Suntour Superbe Hubset
Mavic CXP30s in Classic Champagne
Wound the fuck up Track Fork in Carbone
Sugino 75 Cranks well loved
Thomson pit of cock
KMC Chainadillo
EAI Steel 1/8" of course Cog
MKS Royal Nuevo Pedals ano Black
Tired ol' straps
Tired ol' tires of some sort
Selle Italia Flight Gel Flow
Some drops not some bombs
Chris Kang

Beauty can be found by looking | grain. | mobius
Photos by Taylor Hurley aka niki mobius

El Diablo se llama StEELMAN

The Devil Dances at Midnight
Diablo | In Effect Mode
Diablo II
stars against a velvetine sky
Blue + DiabloStEELMAN | El Diablo
Nikon D40X + Nikkor 105mm 1:1.8 M
Keep your eyes peeled : Con los ojos abiertos

Play this: video
While looking at this: photo

Beauty can be found by looking | grain. | mobius

Anchor, Prince of Excess

Prince of Excess
Invoking Tron
Everlasting Gobstopper PaintGreen with Envy
Bridgestone Anchor ala mobius with our very own Phospho Green Glow perfectly applied by Seattle's own SIK Werks.
Chris Beard is the happy papa! He broke in his new steed on Friday racing the Core Whore. Fun was had and all's well with the wee Bridgestone!
More pics to come for your detailed pleasure on flickr!

Bridgestone beauty once again, this time it glows in the dark.
Nikon D40X + Nikkor 105mm 1:1.8 M

Beauty can be found by looking | grain. | mobius
Photos and custom build by niki mobius aka Taylor Hurley

After School Special: Core Whore Alleycat Friday 9.9.11

View Core Whore Alleycat 2011 in a larger map
For your perusal: The 2011 Core Whore race Map
Study hard kiddies, you've only got a few days until your three hours of glory.

Several of last year's winners, including Ayda and David,
may or may not be able to make it but I know Stacie is gunnin' for glory!

The Core Whore Alleycat 9.9.11

mobius alleycat...
mash hard on 9.9.11 at mobius. the core whore is a messenger emulation race. roll the die until we call time. on your own with lady luck. 6pm registration $10

Just locked down Phil Wood Hubset donations as well as Paceline for the DT Swiss Rims!
The map will be available soon so check back for updates, that's an order.

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