Kiyo Miyazawa | Skittles: Taste the Rainbow

Kiyo Miyazawa 2012

Panasonic GF1 m4/3 + Nikkor 105mm f/1.8
My baby beauty. Must be viewed Large

Beauty can be found by looking | grain. | mobius

Nitto Tokyo | Craft Stem Plate

Nitto | Craft

Nikon D40X + Nikkor 105mm 1:1.8 M
Extensions w/Chris Beard and Niki

Beauty can be found by looking | grain. | mobius | Dank + mobius
Photo by niki mobius aka Taylor Hurley

Nakano Red Nagasawa

Nakano Red Nagasawa

My sweet Nakano Red Nagasawa, queen of my bike heart. Circa 2007 | The good ol' days

Naga Bike Check:

Nakano Red Nagasawa Track Frame 110mm in cherry condition
Phil Wood Hubs Silver 110mm rear = thick as a slip of paper
DT Swiss RR585 32mm Deep Vs with DT Revolution spokes
DT Swiss Tangerine Alloy Nips
Michelin Pro Race Tires in Red
Sugino 75 Cranks Black
Suntour Superbe 50t Chainring | Started life w/me 2004-2012 still on ze road
Suntour Superbe 18t Steel Cog
Izumi Model V "Super Toughness" Chain
--Most round drivetrain I've seen
Suntour Superbe BB
Hatta Swan Headset
Medici TTT Stem Black Quill
Specialized Gold Ano Straight Mountain Handlebars
Nitto Shim 25.4-26.0
Oury Orange Mountain Grips
Thomson Elite Seatpost Black
Selle Italia SLR Gel Flow Black
MKS Custom Nuevo Pedals
Toshi Double Straps | Started life same as Suntour Ring still kickin'
Christophe Red Plastic Toe Cages from Japan

--Love Niki, I miss you!

Suntour Sunrise | Champagne Merlin

Champagne Merlin
Suntour Sunrise
Nikon D40X + Nikkor 105mm 1:1.8 M
Champagne Merlin w/Superbe trimmings.

Elias' Bike Check:

Custom Merlin Titanium Track Frame
with 3" Tandem Downtube for added stiffness
Suntour Superbe Hubset
Mavic CXP30s in Classic Champagne
Wound the fuck up Track Fork in Carbone
Sugino 75 Cranks well loved
Thomson pit of cock
KMC Chainadillo
EAI Steel 1/8" of course Cog
MKS Royal Nuevo Pedals ano Black
Tired ol' straps
Tired ol' tires of some sort
Selle Italia Flight Gel Flow
Some drops not some bombs
Chris Kang

Beauty can be found by looking | grain. | mobius
Photos by Taylor Hurley aka niki mobius

El Diablo se llama StEELMAN

The Devil Dances at Midnight
Diablo | In Effect Mode
Diablo II
stars against a velvetine sky
Blue + DiabloStEELMAN | El Diablo
Nikon D40X + Nikkor 105mm 1:1.8 M
Keep your eyes peeled : Con los ojos abiertos

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Beauty can be found by looking | grain. | mobius

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