Fancy Dancer | Rohloff 14 Speed

Fancy Dancer Profile
Honjo Yum YumsFancy Dancer
An Invitation to RideHonjo Brass
Rohloff Speedhub
Grip Deez Nutz | Walnut

Brooks Saddle + Walnut Custom Grips
Panasonic GF1 m4/3 + Nikkor 105mm f/1.8

"Thanks for the swell bike. On leaving your shop I rode down the alley, took a right and marched uphill to 3rd Ave. no problemo. Unthinkable on my previous bike. It seems to move along quite nicely with not much help from me." -Ken

Bike Check:

Surly Cross Check | Custom Gold Paint
Rohloff Speedhub, 14 speeds internal. Range wider than a triple mtb.
DT Swiss RR585 Rims in Silver
DT Revolution Spokes with Silver Brass Nipples from DT
Continental Touring Plus Tires
Honjo Koken Brass fenders with Custom Fabrication for fit w/Cross Check
Silver Chainguard with Custom Fabrication to fit Campy Cranks and Chainline
Vintage Campy C Record Cranks with Campy BB
Cruiser Platform pedals for all footwear
Nitto Northroads Handlebars
Civia Seatcollar and Stem
Walnut Custom Grip Shift Grips hand sewn by Sarah (resident sewing expert)
Nirve Headlamp
Brooks B66 Saddle in Honey
Odyssey Monolever Brake Levers in Chrome
Paul Components Touring Canti Brakes
PDW Brass Bell
Ultegra 32h Front Hub
TA Specialties Single Speed 3/32nds Chainring
Izumi 3/32nds Eco Track Chain x2 for those long stays
Nitto Campee rack
Nokon Housing for those hard to reach places!

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